So, why should you go with Me?
*Professional Photographer for 15+ years 
*Experienced in dealing with weddings and taking care of Brides and their families

*Basically, you will be communicating and spending a great deal of time with your photographer, especially if your a bride.  Dealing with someone that is unpleasant and boring, Sucks

If you laugh, you will like me!  If they aren't funny... Well, as Dorie says "keep on swimming, keep on swimming"
​Has the ability to sew a bride back into her dress! 
Wife assists as 2nd shooter during weddings. 
Very personable!          

 Communicates well!       Picky about his portraits!          Avoids Bridezillas!
He is.....
Task oriented!
Fun-Easy-Laid Back!
Cause they suck!
​Tips for choosing a photographer...
1.  Check out their Reviews, because they won't lie!  
2.  See their Portfolio.  
Not all photographers out there, show you "All" their work.  They only show you their best shots to lure you in and get your business.  I show my clients,  Everything!
I want them to know exactly who they are getting!  
3.  Are they Personable?
And alter a dress, on the fly!
I love to joke around and have fun.  When everyone is smiling, the pictures turn out so much better!

My Theme Music 
Wife disagrees 
More Anal
Won't shut up
Git R Done
And she told me not to say that either
Party like it's 1999
Well, Duh.
But my wife says I can't say that
Mainly because she is jealous that I am 
prettier than she is.  
When she is not buying shoes and taking all my money